A library for your parametric model.

1. Download from the library

The library contains functions we commonly use to make parametric models.

You are free to use anything in the library, anyway you want. All of the content of the site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence so if you share the components, please attribute them to either parametricmodel.com, or the original authors.

2. Improve the library

Like Wikipedia, you have the power to edit any of the items in this library. So if you think the description is a little vague, improve it. If you find a better way to solve the problem, upload your improved version. All you need to do is click the 'edit this page' link at the bottom of every item.

3. Add to the library

Everyone is reinventing the wheel with parametric modeling. So if you have found a way to solve a problem, help everyone out by sharing it here.

Contributors include:

  • @nzarchitecture
  • Alessio
  • Amandeep Singh Johal
  • Andrei Raducanu
  • Andrew Heumann
  • anonymous
  • Danny Boyes
  • David Rutten
  • Digital[Sub]stance
  • Erick Katzenstein
  • Evert Amador
  • Giulio Piacentino
  • Hosein Safavi
  • Ivan
  • Jacek Jaskólski
  • Mateusz Zwierzycki
  • Mårten Nettelblad
  • Mårten Nettelbladt
  • Neil Meredith
  • Philip Belesky
  • philipb
  • phillip c. reiner
  • Pirouz Nourian
  • reisereise
  • seniorpapa
  • Ted Ngai
  • Zoster (Andrei Raducanu)

4. Who we are

Parametricmodel.com is designed and managed by Daniel Davis at nzarchitecure.com. Email him: daniel@nullnzarchitecture.com

Parametricmodel.com is a node on the Open Architecture, Open Design network, which was established to promote computational collaborations in architecture and design.